Let us take the worry out of transporting your pet

1. Do I need to provide my own crate / blankets?

Not at all, we can cover this for you! If you need to use one of our crates, we can rent this to you for $20.00. If your pet prefers a pet belt, we also have these for hire at $5.00. Bedding is provided at no extra cost, although it is recommended to leave a piece of your pets’ personal blanket for familiarity. You are also welcome to bring any of your pets’ belongings, such as a bed, bowls, food etc. Please advise if you have anything bulky or heavy.

2. Is there water and food for my pet?

Provision of a constant supply of fresh, clean drinking water is provided and refilled when required. We can feed your pet upon request, please make sure your pet is not fed within 6 hours of travel, a peckish animal is much less stressed than a nauseous animal. You can pack a lunch for your pet, or we can provide one for free!

3. Does my pet get to stretch their legs outside of the care during the trip?

Each trip includes a break every 2 or so hours (or if your pet ever sounds distressed) to check on your pet, refill their water and take your pet to the toilet outside/stretch their legs (if they are able to exit the vehicle). Please note that puppies needing PARVOVIRUS, KENNEL COUGH, FELINE PANLEUKOPENIA VIRUS vaccinations will be kept clean and dry while being allowed to stretch and have a cuddle inside the vehicle.

4. Does my pet have 24/7 supervision?

Yes, your pet is NEVER left alone or unattended unless our driver is re filling their petrol as well as paying for it. Our drivers’ are all very passionate animal lovers, and you can be assured that your pet is in very safe hands, remember they are family at Pet Oober, not freight! Our driver stops to check in on your animal at least every 2-3 hours, or if they sound distressed.

5. Who is my pet traveling with?

Every pet is given their own private transportation vehicle to avoid the risk of disease spread, overcrowded situations that cause stress, and a negative association to car rides as well as special one-on-one TLC for your pet. All of our Oober drivers’ have extensive experience caring for all shaped and sized animals, all have clean, full licenses and have been carefully vetted to provide your pet with the best care, and provide you smooth sailing, reliable experience. We also have drivers who are experienced transporting certain species, such as horses, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, dogs (including difficult or aggressive dogs please advise if this is the case).

6. Can you operate during level 4 lockdown restrictions?

The Pet Oober are classed as an essential service under MPI regulations, meaning we can operate through out ALL Covid-19 alert levels. All Oober drivers’ have relevant travel documents and required testing to cross the border, although please note there can be delays at the border. Our driver will do their best to update you as soon as they can, your pet will be the top priority. Our drivers follow all required guidelines to work and operate in a covid restricted area.

7. What is a rideshare?

We use VET GRADE disinfectant that kills 99.9% of PARVOVIRUS, KENNEL COUGH and other fungal and bacterial viruses. ** VIRUCIDE** Economical and Reliable Relocation- Shared ride pet transport is our most economical service. Your pets will travel with others on a pre planned route. While this is not as luxurious as our private ground transport, , there is no compromise when it comes to safety or comfort. Regardless of the service you choose, your pets will always be treated like family

8. Why is it more expensive to travel via ground, than flying?

Our drivers have taken the time to exclusively transport your pet, and your pet only from door to door step, while also taking care of any back and forth communications that come with pet transportation. They stop to check in on your pet at least every 2 hours, or if your pet sounds distressed; if you pet is distressed, our driver will clean your pet so they are dry as well as giving them a cuddle to de-stress. This is a private mode of transport, with 0% risk of disease spread and special one on one attention for your deserving pet/s.

9. Do you have scheduled trips planned?

yes we update our blog with all our trips and schedules. Please click here to see our upcoming trips.

10. What are the requirements of my pet to travel with Pet Oober?

All pets must be at least 8 weeks of age on the day of collection. If your pet is sharing a ride, a valid health certificate issued by a doctor of veterinary medicine is required to show that your pet is disease free. A collar is also required. In special cases, un vaccinated and young pets may be allowed on board, but please send us a special query to discuss.