Regular scheduled shuttle rides

We offer regular scheduled trips with large vehicles for a maximum of 5-6 pets on board. Ideal for day care trips or transit to/from holiday homes or to simply move your pet in the most cost effective manner (if you are a breeder, please get in touch directly to find out about our packages for breeders).

All animals are checked by a vet and given an ‘okay’ for 0% risk of disease spread before being allowed on board, and are kept totally separate from each other. Shuttle runs are never overcrowded and will only ever hold a maximum of 5 animals at any one time. Each run is a direct route, completed in a single day with no stops or overnights spent with the animals.

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This service is discounted, as it is shared with other pets and instead of door-to-door delivery, we offer a central meeting point for delivery.


  • Safe & Comfortable transit
  • Cost effective
  • 24/7 supervision
  • Guaranteed punctuality
  • Experienced drivers
  • Can be booked with as little as 2 days notice